Where to begin?

Been crazily busy the past few weeks – since last I posted, I’ve launched 3 big WordPress site projects! In the course of that, I’ve written a few new plugins and learnt all sorts of jQuery goodness. I was a jQuery newbie until about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been missing out for a long time!

I have a lot to blog in the next little while. Now the dust has settled for a bit, I might have time to spruce up this site too. Certainly going to try…

I still haven’t finished the Artistdata-WordPress import I mentioned recently, but I have built a display plugin which has proven mighty useful. Includes a handy sidebar widget. You can see it in action on BenAllison.com. I intend to package that up properly and get it submitted to the WP Plugin repository – hopefully this week if I have time.

Another useful script I figured out recently was a custom AddThis button for WP blogs. Much simpler and more effective than the AddThis official plugin I found. That’s also in action on Ben’s site and Pittsburgh JazzLive International.

Question is: which of these do you want to hear about first? Answers in the comments please…

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Nested WordPress Loops!

In the course of a site project I was working on today, I found myself needing to (and successfully managing to) nest multiple WordPress queries. Talk about an “aha moment” figuring that one out!

What exciting geeky stuff did you do today?

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I wish I’d known how to add class names to WP menu items about three projects ago!


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I noticed something interesting about HTML entities under HTML5. Namely – the + (for +) that I’ve been using for years no longer works in all browsers. Firefox is fine but Safari and Opera display the full entity code. I found that the numeric equivalent + works fine. Just FYI…

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Fascinating project on the go. A client who prefers to use Artistdata to manage his Show dates would like, in a perfect world, to fill his info into Artistdata but have his shows imported into WordPress from his Artistdata XML feed. Once in WP, they can be commented upon; hence the import, rather than just parsing the XML with PHP and displaying. It’s proving an intriguing challenge to get working and, of course, it needs to be done yesterday!

Has anybody reading this done this before? It’d be ideal if there was an existing plugin to take care of this. If not, I guess I’ll have to commit it to a plugin, once I figure it out….

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